Crazy Cyborg


It’s not that it’s scary. . . . It just scares me

Wow! Some people do some pretty crazy things with their old retired cars, but I can honestly say I have never seen a car-gone-tank before. Maybe some military officials should take notes for the next build of tanks.

Sure it looks looks horific, with the dual driveshaft and general rickety design, but if you saw this piece of machinery coming down the road at you, wouldn't you move?

I want to go for a drive in that beast now, I wonder if it is street legal?

A car and tank

It's a Car! It's a Tank! IT'S A CARTANK!

If you had your way, what car body would you be putting on top of this home built tank track? Let us know!


Your move BMW

Audi posted a billboard to drum up business for their A4, which simply said "Your move BMW". Well BMW took the move and opportunity to throw some more fuel on the fire of jabs between Audi and BMW. I would say the ad campaign was pretty successful for BMW.

Maybe Audi will sit down in the board room a bit longer next time so they don't leave themselves so vulnerable.

your move bmw

Not only did BMW take the move, they took the game.

How do you think Audi could respond on their next billboard? Let us know in the comments.